The best present ever...

Замечательный кот поздравил с днем рождения, вручив удивительной красоты песню.
Спасибо, мой любимый Джо!

Amber drops

You live… you breath…

The sun sends on your hair its gracious rays.

The wind is breezing,

The dreams aren`t missing.

Stay still, my love, till love`s alive,

The feelings, our feelings never die.

The fleeting summer turns to early autumn,

I wisper: Stop… Stop… Stop this moment! Damn!

I say: Love… Love… Love is like honey amber drops,

Like rain of tender words, which never… never… never stops

Like a photograph I`d like to lock in heart

Your gentle looks, your flying locks.

The amber honey drops…

Stop! Stop… Stop this moment!

@музыка: I just call to say I love you by Stevie Wonder

@настроение: до небес


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